Practical Information

Holiday brochures traditionally offer a glorified view of locations and facilities. We feel that by setting aside a page on our website to give a more balanced view, we can help you get the most out of their stay.

The arrival day is Saturday and the cottage is available from 4pm. We will contact you a few days before your arrival date with any recent updates and useful information to help with your stay. We ask that you vacate the cottage by 10am on the day of departure to allow us to prepare for the next visitors.

Glan-y-gors is located about 1.5 miles outside Beddgelert and a similar distance to Rhyd Ddu. Access is by a forest track which has a 5 ton limit if coming from the Beddgelert entrance so if you are in a heavier vehicle, please access the property from the Rhyd Ddu side. Please be aware that the track may suffer from pot holes from time to time, so please proceed with appropriately.

It is in a rural location with a wide range of wildlife and agricultural animals in the area. Please be aware of this if you are bringing pets and ensure you follow the countryside code. A copy of the code can be found on the notice board inside the property or alternatively online following the link below or from tourist information centres.

The Hafod Ruffydd waterfall is about 50 metres away from the property. After heavy rainfall, please be careful if you are walking by the riverbank as the water is very fast flowing with shallow rocks. For their own safety please keep any pets from jumping in the water here.

Glan y Gors benefits from underfloor heating which centrally heats the property and is powered by LPG gas. Due to the nature of underfloor heating, whilst it gives a comfortable surrounding heat, this can take a while to get to the desired temperature.

In addition the property also benefits from a large tunnel fireplace which is located in the middle of the spacious lounge. Not surprisingly the fireplace and central flue can get very hot during use (and remains hot for some time after the fire has extinguished). We therefore ask that you and any other members of your party (including pets), take care when walking past the fire.

We provide an initial supply of logs for use in the fire. If this supply runs out then further supplies of “seasoned” wood can be purchased from several fairly local retailers or alternatively you are welcome to bring your own “seasoned” wood supply.

The flooring is hardwearing porcelain tiles throughout which are ideal for allowing the under floor heating to make you feel warm and cosy, as well as it being convenient for keeping clean. Should any of your party walk in with muddy feet/paws after a day of traipsing through the surrounding forest, mountains and countryside, we ask that you please wipe your feet on the door mats on entering the property and use the vacuum cleaner and/or mop if dirt is walked into the property.


• Whilst instructions are provided on how to use the fire, you should only operate the fire if you are confident in how to use it.

• When opening or closing the woodburner doors, please be careful not to trap or burn fingers (or doggy tails).

• Once the initial supply of logs run out, you must only use “seasoned” wood in the fireplace (i.e. Do NOT put any of the wood that you might find in the garden or forest into the fireplace as this will cause damage to the woodburner which will not only be expensive to repair, but also highly inconvenient to rectify.

• Irrespective of whether the fire is in use or not, please do NOT put anything on top metal surface of the fireplace surround, as it will likely mark the woodburner and in addition anything left on this surface will get damaged from the heat of the fire and could develop into a fire risk.

• Do NOT put any household/general rubbish into the fire as this could cause damage or toxic fumes to develop.

Despite being in a rural location, we have found the utility services to be very reliable however there may be occasional interruptions.

Please note that the property is serviced by mains water provided by Welsh Water Authority so is safe to drink.

Foul water is piped to a septic tank away from the cottage and there are restrictions over the chemicals and cleaning agents that may be used (i.e. bleach is not allowed). Therefore we provide a range of cleaning products for use at the property during your stay.

Broadband is available and generally supports Skype and BBC iPlayer. We find download speeds are usually 2-3mbs and uploads around 0.1mbs.

Television reception is provided by FreeSAT. In high winds or bad weather there may be interruptions to services but we have rarely found these obtrusive.

Mobile phone coverage is available but weak. For best signals, we suggest using your phone at the northerly points of the property nearest to the parking area.

At times of high humidity, condensation may form on cold surface, this is normal and nothing to be concerned about but it would be helpful if guests air the property if they find they have any issue with this, by opening the window(s) and using the vent on the window lock(s).

There are no cash machines in Beddgelert however Emry’s House – the local village store offers a cashback service if required, as well as some post office facilities. There are several banks that can be found in each of the local towns of Caernarfon, Porthmadog, Bangor, etc.

For guests not wanting to bring food with them, the village shop, “Emery’s House”, offers a fairly good selection of branded & local produce, but in addition there are several supermarkets a few miles away in the local towns, some of which do provide delivery services to Beddgelert.

In addition there’s an abundance of restaurants, pubs and café/coffee shops in the village that offer excellent local food and beverages.

There are several national, independent and supermarket petrol stations within a 12 mile radius of Glan y Gors, but please note that not all of these will be open 24/7.

If there is anything we can help with, we are only a phone call or an email away. Contact details are given on this webpage and guest should contact us immediately if any problems are experienced. We are committed to try to make your stay as enjoyable as possible